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Modern life often involves ceaseless responses to noises and vibrations. When our smartphones vibrate or make noise, we often rush to turn them on to find out what that noise and vibration are all about. This could happen dozens of times each day. However, when they ring, these devices are rarely in our hands and quite often, they are in our pocket or bag. In some cases, they are completely unreachable. This is one annoying hurdle that prevents us from obtaining seamless experiences with mobile devices.

Urban dwellers are regularly surrounded by a throng of constantly moving individuals. Nobody wants to elbow a stranger in the kidneys, but we really need to know why the phone rings. On the other hand, we already wear something on our wrist and often, we look at it. Watches are meant to be glanced at, so an enhanced form of the timepiece should be a very smart idea.

Smartwatches are revolutionary, at least in the wristwatch industry. They add many more functions that are not available on normal wristwatches. Often, we compare them with smartphones and PDA. Early forms of smartwatches provided only calculations, alarm and calendar; but latest models typically run the same software platform used on smartphones. This allows smartwatches to run apps meant for smartphones, although incompatibility and awful user experience may occur.

At various tech events, wearable technology is all the rage and luckily for us, price points for smartwatch have come down. While these watches aren’t as affordable as cheap Swatch models, they don’t carry hefty price tags like a Rolex. Choosing the best smartwatch model on the market can be quite difficult, because they are not ordinary watches. This means, consumers need to figure out what functionality and features they want. For example, some consumers prefer to have a music player on their wrist. Smartwatch can also be helpful for those who want to stay healthy and fit by tracking workout schedule. Some models even have sensors to how well their health condition is. Others can integrate with users smartphone and provide an extension to answer any call on the go.

Like other mobile device categories, there’s also a sophistication spectrum in smartwatch space. On one end, the Pebble is a simple, always-on device with rather primitive physical buttons. On the other end, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is equipped with powerful innards, a camera and support for apps. Other models fall somewhere in between, as an example the Qualcomm Toq, while less advanced than the Gear; it still provides decent capabilities.

Overall, smartwatches are expected to do many things smartphone should do. Their smaller display, simplified interface and limited battery capacity would prevent them to work like a full-fledged device, but they are powerful and versatile enough for something that’s meant to stay attached on our wrist all the time. In the future, we would see more smartwatch models designed to superfluously augment existing products. The smartwatch industry could be another field where we see subtle technology shifts and like smartphones, we will know smartwatches really work in the market as intended when we see they finally do everything right.

Smartwatch News

Aplus GV18 Smartwatch

The GV18 Aplus is a smartwatch that’s first released in China and for Apple fans, it certainly bears a resemblance with the Apple Watch. However, it can be obtained from Gearbest for less than a tenth of the price. Consumers are able to purchase the smartwatch for just $28.99, which is very attractive. It is certainly a smartwatch with attractive ... Read More »

Things We Should Know About Apple’s Smartwatch Models

Apple has revealed its new smartwatch variants, the original Apple Watch, the luxury Watch Edition and the sporty Watch Sport. The latter is the most affordable and the Watch Edition is the most expensive with its attractive gold coating. The Sport is easily recognizable with its colourful fluoroelastomer strap and aluminium body. The strap is a rubbery, polymer material that ... Read More »

Intel and TAG Heuer Are Developing a New Luxury Smartwatch

Intel has teamed up with TAG Heuer, a popular Swiss watchmaker. The final smartwatch design should be showcased nearly next month at the CES event in Las Vegas. The wearable will be powered by a low-power Intel processor and it will look more like regular wristwatch. Since the CEO position has been assigned to Brian Krzanich, the company will prioritize ... Read More »

Uno Offers Built-in Speed Reading Feature

Uno is the latest crowd funded project and it is aimed to deliver speed-reading capability for users. The device promises fast notifications function and long battery life. Although a relatively new segment in the mobile industry, the wearable market is already crowded with many fitness band and smartwatch models. The Apple Watch may also soon arrive to the market, because ... Read More »

Communication Between Paired Android Smartphones and Smartwatches is Easy to Crack

Smartwatches are also smart mobile devices and they can send or receive a great deal of critical information. Security experts from Bitdefender recently showed us just how vulnerable encrypted data communication between Android Smartphones and their paired wearables is. Apparently, the data streams can be cracked open by digital criminals and eventually laid bare open for any prying eyes to ... Read More »

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