Attopedia Provides Wikipedia Access to Smartwatch Users

AttopediaUsers of Android Wear smartwatch are now able to easily gain information from Wikipedia through a new app, Attopedia. Many people may argue about why we would read online encyclopaedia on such a small device and it will only result in very poor experience. It’s a valid argument, but Attopedia isn’t just a web browser that specializes on Wikipedia. The app makes Wikipedia more usable on small displays by splitting it into smaller grids. Users can scroll through a grid side to side and up and down.

While not all users will find it a smooth implementation, Attopedia should make Wikipedia more usable on smartwatches. At this stage, the app represents a proof of concept and it could be the start of new web design movement for smartwatches.

Attopedia is available for free from Google Play Store and users can download it immediately. It should be noted that Attopedia is an open-source platform and it means that developers can modify it for other purposes that could benefit from the technology. Users can install Attopedia on the phone, but it simply notifies that it can be opened only on smartwatches.

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