Burg 12 Smartwatch Allows Voice Calling and Text Messaging Without Pairing

Burg 12 SmartwatchBurg 12 smartwatch is one of a few models out there that allows us to send text messages and make phone calls without pairing with a smartphone. The smartwatch market is divided into two design groups, models with circular display, such as the Moto 360 and those with square displays, such as the Asus Zenwatch. The Burg 12 smartwatch combines these designs by having a circular dial with a square display inside.

The 1.5-inch display comes with 240 x 240 screen resolution, resulting 226ppi of pixel density. The microSD slot could expand the 4GB of internal storage. Unfortunately, many users could see that the use of a proprietary software as a less than encouraging sign. Especially because, users will have much less options if they seek to install third-party apps.

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