Embrace Smartwatch Can Predict Signs of Seizures

Embrace SmartwatchWhile many smartwatch models can be rather frivolous, these devices could actually save our lives. Embrace is a new project submitted into the Indiegogo and years of experimentation has resulted in an attractive, slim and light device.

The Embrace could allow us to predict seizures, tracks activity and analyze stress level. Dr. Rosalind W. Picard from the MIT leads the Empatica Team. They started work on a wearable that can measure stress level in 2007. The iCalm was their first iteration and it could measure stress levels. The team also found that seizures could be predicted using stress levels information. From then on, they try to improve sensors and ended up with a few equipment’s that are used by research centers and hospitals.

The Empatica project is the latest extension of the entire research effort, by putting sensors on our wrist to predict possibilities of seizures. It works by monitoring our EDA (electrodermal activity), through moisture that’s emitted by the skin. The wearable will be able to analyze our stress level and measure our flight or fight responses. With $190, investors could get a free Embrace Smartwatch and the project still has a couple of weeks left to go on Indiegogo.

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