FES Watch is Sony’s Hidden E-ink Smartwatch Project

FES WatchMany companies are jumping into the race in the smartwatch market and they are trying to pack in extra features into these slim devices. Sony New Smartwatch seems to take the road less travelled with its built-in e-ink technology. The company has its primary smartwatch series, which is called simply the Sony Smartwatch.

The new FES Watch is based on the e-paper solution and it is targeting consumers who seek a long-lasting wearable. The New Business Creation Development is Sony’s subsidiary with the aim to build such a device and it has managed to gather about $30,000 through a Japan-based crowd funding website, the Makuake.

Despite the company’s significant financial resources, it intentionally separates its big brand from the device, because they want to test whether the product has a real value. In other words, they want to know whether the concept will generate enough demand in the market. Apart for the much longer battery life, it isn’t clear what other things the new device has to offer. With its highly efficient display, the FES Watch is claimed to deliver two months of battery life with a single charge. It is something that we should expect from an e-paper device.

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