FiLIP Smartwatch Will Help Parents Track Their Children

FiLIP SmartwatchA smartwatch model from the Filip Technologies will arrive just in time for the frenzies of holiday season. The device is aimed for family members, allowing children and parents to communicate through a GPS-enabled watch. With its colorful two-button design, children can wear the hook up to parent’s smartphone through an app. This allows them to receive and make calls directly to the paired phone. There’s an emergency button and a locator feature based WiFi and cell tower location triangulation as well as GPS. This is useful since children are more prone to losing wearable devices.

The FiLIP smartwatch is designed for children younger than 12 years old and can be more suitable, since parents are more reluctant to five their kids a phone until they are a bit older.

The FiLIP smartwatch has quietly acquired FCC certification in July among other important milestone in the development process. It is probably the first smartwatch with two-way voice call capability, which could help kids to communicate better.

It took about a couple of years for the FiLIP Technology to get its smartwatch enter the testing stage in the FCC. During the development phase, engineers from the company constructed a large-scale prototype unit and spent nearly a year to shrink it down to wearable size. The company hasn’t announced the official drop date yet, but we could expect it to land on various stores in coming months.

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