Google “Gem” Smartwatch

Google SmartwatchSmartwatches are currently one of the most exciting fads in the mobile industry and Google is aiming to release its own model. The Internet giant still doesn’t provide an official word on the device, let alone its definite release date. Gem Smartwatch which is actually a Google Nexus watch, will arrive on October 31. It is also believed that Motorola will make the device and it could support integration with other Nexus devices through wireless pairing.

There’s a good possibility that the Gem is already beyond the prototype stage and it is being tested internally. The patent documentation shows that the Gem will have an interactive user interface and dual-display layout. It remains to be seen whether such design will be adopted by the final product.

The smartwatch category will soon be filled by new models released by major manufacturers. We have seen interesting iWatch concept with its transparent, sleek design. Qualcomm, has officially announced the Toq, which can handle voice calls and text messages, as well as playing music. The chipmaker promised that its smartwatch will arrive before the holiday season. We may also predict that manufacturers in China will release their own low-cost models priced under $200.

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