Google “Gem” Smartwatch Could be Available Next Month in the UK

`The Samsung Galaxy Gear arrived last month and Apple may delay the release of its iWatch until next year. According to various reports, there’s a probability that Google would announce its new smartwatch model, with a modified operating system based on the Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The unveiling event may take place on October and it could be commercially known as the “Gem”. Availability in the United Kingdom could start next month, on November or December at the latest. Its main functionality would be the Google Now service, which provides users with relevant information.

When paired with the Nexus 5 smartphone, information such as text messages, emails and calendar alarms can be pushed directly to the device’s display. Google Now came with the early release of Jelly Bean OS, the Android 4.1. It can make recommendations based on our current location. It can display appointments, reminders and traffic information. But obviously, some of the dynamic information is available only in the United States.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Gear works more like a notification system. Telling the time is actually now a minor feature of the Gear, since users will use it more for other purposes, including dictating messages and emails.

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