HP’s Smartwatch Prototype is Available on eBay for $14,500

HP SmartwatchPeople who are eager to get HP’s vintage smartwatch can get the device from an eBay seller from Spain. Dubbed the HP-01, it’s actually the company’s first wearable model and developed in 1977. In essence, the smartwatch is nothing more than a watch with built-in calculator.

The HP-01 is available for $14,500, which is a bit too steep for a watch with calculator. HP described it as a marvel of intelligent design and miniaturization. It combines the calculator and wristwatch into a single interface. The HP-01 isn’t a user-friendly model, but it comes with a number of potentially useful features. Users can change time zone, by adding and subtracting hours accordingly. It’s also waterproofed and can stay submerged in 10 meters of water for up to five minutes.

Obviously, the company hasn’t given up its dream in such a device. HP has been working with Gilt, an American retailer to produce an elegant-looking wearable. HP’s upcoming smartwatch is designed by Michael Bastian, known for his luxury menswear designs. The watch will feature black wristband, metallic edging and round face. Bastian-designed products are sold for more than $350, so we can expect the watch to be somewhat pricey.

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