Huawei May Introduce a Smartwatch

Huawei SmartwatchJust one year ago, not many heard about wearables and smartwatches, but today nearly all major device manufacturers have an involvement with them. The China-based Huawei is yet another manufacturer that seeks to participate in the industry. A new report suggests that the company will no longer sit on the sidelines and it will introduce a new smartwatch model. Unfortunately, sources don’t provide additional details other than that a Huawei smartwatch will be unveiled.

Huawei owns a major share in China’s local market and it typically focuses on affordable devices. So, we could be hopeful that it follows suite by introducing a smartwatch with entry-level price point. The smartwatch market is already significantly heated up and Huawei will face stiff competition from current manufacturers.

Pebble has introduced the Steel smartwatch and Samsung may have a plan to unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 during the MWC 2014 event. In addition, Apple’s health-centric iWatch may enter the smartwatch space later this year. But alternatively, Huawei may seek success in its home market instead and make the global market a minor priority. The company is also expected to introduce new smartphones and tablets.

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