Microsoft Unveils Its First Smartwatch Design

Microsoft SmartwatchMicrosoft finally decides to participate in the increasingly competitive smartwatch market. Tailing Sony SW2, HP’s finely designed model (HP Exquisitely-Designed Smartwatch Model), Motorola Moto 360 and Samsung Gear 2, the software giant certainly won’t be among the first in the market. A design of the wearable has been leaked and it clearly pleases the eye.

These concept images seem to be similar to the previously leaked designs and drawings. It could share a number of Windows Phone 8/8.1 features, including the helpful Cortana virtual assistant. It could be integrated with Nokia Here Maps to help users get accurate directions. The smartwatch should include full compatibility with new and upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia devices. Nadir Aslam designed the smartwatch and the wearable could boast leather straps. Microsoft Smartwatch has metallic and shiny round face that’s reminiscent to high-end wristwatches we find in the market.

The wearable may revolve around health and fitness monitoring much like the Gear Bit and Fitbit, with sensors like gyroscope, galvanic skin response, accelerometer and heart rate monitors. Microsoft hasn’t unveiled the device’s commercial name; but a name like “Lumia Wear” doesn’t sound too bad at all.

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