Nissan Announces the Car-Centric Nismo Smartwatch

Nissan Nismo SmartwatchNissan has recently released the Nismo smartwatch, designed primarily for adrenaline-hungry car enthusiasts with fat wallets. The wearable gadgets can fully integrate to the Nissan Nismo sports car lineup. With major electronics manufacturers including, Samsung, Sony and Apple are working on their own wearable devices, Nissan seems to be eager to participate in the rapidly expanding market segment.

With the smartwatch, users can quickly measure car’s performance and capture their own biometric data, such as heart rate. This can alert them when they are tired or nervous. Users can also monitor their car efficiency by taking fuel consumption and average speed readings.

The watch can immediately pair with the car through Bluetooth connection. The built-in social media monitor allows the device to track Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook updates as well. The Nismo smartwatch is designed to snap onto user’s wrist easily and it’s controllable using two physical buttons. It can last a week with its Li-ion battery and rechargeable via a microUSB port.

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