Pebble Steel is Still Relevant in the Competitive Smartwatch Market

Pebble SteelPebble Steel was released six months ago, but it has captured plenty interest from consumers. Pebble launched the original Pebble in 2013 and its latest model could confidently compete with Google Android Wear, Samsung Gear Live and the G Watch.

The Pebble Steel comes with an impressive one week of battery life, compared to Google Android Wear that lasts only one day and Samsung Gear three days at the longest.  The smartwatch could adjust its LCD display screen to adjust to outdoors and indoors environment and it could save power by switching the display off completely. One of the important features of the smartwatch is the ability to integrate with iOS or Android devices.

It can coordinate and interact in Android or iOS environments. We can install Pebble apps on smartphones to allow us exchange data seamlessly. The shape and size of the watch is properly designed that it has a smooth finish. Its waterproofed chassis can withstand 5 atmospheric pressure (ATM) below water, effectively beating the competitors. Other smartwatches can only resist splashes when we are watering the garden, but it’s not possible to for swim with it.

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