Samsung May Soon Release Smartwatches With Round Design

Samsung SmartwatchesSamsung has released multiple smartwatch models and they have one thing in common: Display with square design. Samsung filed a patent in late May on a smartwatch design with round face and gesture controls. Samsung has submitted a sheer number of designs to the USPTO and it is quite likely that any of them will be a reality.

The round face design looks like the Motorola Moto 360, but with different wristband and other alterations. Samsung’s patent doesn’t go into more specifics, but we can deduce more information from the design drawings. These new wearables could run Android Wear, Tizen and perhaps even both. Like Samsung’s current smartphones, these watches could also be equipped with fitness metrics and health-tracking capability.

The design shows a type of sensor on the smartwatch, but this could be a small camera like the one we see on the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Another image shows a wristband with similar design and the familiar round sensor. On a different image, the sensor is no longer present and it has an open wristband.  It should be noted that these are only patent designs and there’s no guarantee that any of them will be implemented in the market. Regardless, it stands to reason that the company will keep producing more smartwatches and square form factor could eventually be abandoned.

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