Samsung Officially Announces the Gear S

Samsung Gear SSamsung has unveiled its latest smartwatch model, the Gear S. The wearable device is built around a 2-inch Super-AMOLED display, which runs the Tizen OS. It’s Samsung open-source alternative to the much more popular Google operating system. The watch supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There is also 3G data support as the main connectivity option. The Gear S is powered by a 1GHz dual-core chip. There are a wide array of potentially useful sensors, including UV monitor, pulse rate reader, compass, GPS and barometer.

Samsung’s mobile department chief, JK Shin, said that the Gear S will allow consumers to live a connected life anytime and anywhere. During the same opportunity, the South Korean manufacturer also introduced a wireless Bluetooth device, the Samsung Gear Circle. It is a magnetic lock that can be work around the neck to notify users about incoming notifications and calls through subtle vibration.

The release of Samsung Gear S nearly coincides with LG’s announcement of the G Watch R, a smartwatch with Android Wear platform. Samsung has offered multiple wearable models in recent months, including the Gear Live, Gear Fit smart fitness band and Gear 2 smartwatch. We could soon see additional wearables from the company, including Google Glass-like device.

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