Swipify Makes Multitasking Management on Smartwatches Easier

SwipifySmartwatches today are much like smartphones in 2008. The idea of smart wearables has been around for decades; but the industry still figures out a reliable way to implement it. Google has introduced the Android Wear concept; which is based on very simple interface. It offers intuitive taps, voice commands and short swipes. Like smartphones, Android Wear Smartwatches are also equipped with file explorer, web browsers and launcher. In short, smartwatches are multitasking-oriented devices; but much smaller.

For this reason, users may need additional tools to help them manage apps. Swipify is an app that allows us to quickly switch between apps, which are shown in a radial list. Swipify also shows the amount of available RAM to let us know whether the watch still has enough hardware resources available.

Users can access the more detailed parts of the application by right swiping the standard interface. Swipify comes with built-in launcher like the Wear Mini Launcher; which can be accessed by swiping from the left edge. Unfortunately, this feature could be redundant if we only open a handful of apps; since they can still be accessed from the Recent views. Another useful feature of the Swipify is the ability to adjust the screen brightness manually.

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