Tesla S is Now Controllable Through Android Wear Smartwatches

Tesla S Android WearAndroid Wear is Google’s new wearable technology and it gives us the ability to control other much bigger devices and machines, including a car. An app has been developed to allow us to control the Tesla Model S car straight from our wrist. There are a number of possible commands, including opening/closing the sun roof, honking the horn and locking/unlocking the door.

The app is potentially useful, since we can close the sun roof from some distance away when it’s about to rain. The app should be compatible with popular Android Wear devices, including LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. However, the app still doesn’t include the ability to start the car and enable the heater, which could come in handy when we want to warm up the car from inside the home during the winter.

A Google Glass app for the car has also been developed by the same company, the Bnotion. It comes with the same features; but we could do it straight from the popular Glass. If the app proves to be a success, we should see similar apps developed for other car models. They should make Android Wear Smartwatches more practical to use. These wearables represent a new frontier in the mobile industry and also a new opportunity for car manufacturers.

Tesla Command for Android Wear

Android Wear meets the ultimate in driving innovation with Tesla Command! Take control of your Tesla Model S driving experience with Android Wear. Simply sign in with your Tesla credentials to access various commands like:

  • Unlock Doors
  • Lock Doors
  • Honk Horn
  • Open Sunroof
  • Close Sunroof

More features coming soon!

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