Things We Should Know About Apple’s Smartwatch Models

Apples-Smartwatch-ModelsApple has revealed its new smartwatch variants, the original Apple Watch, the luxury Watch Edition and the sporty Watch Sport. The latter is the most affordable and the Watch Edition is the most expensive with its attractive gold coating. The Sport is easily recognizable with its colourful fluoroelastomer strap and aluminium body. The strap is a rubbery, polymer material that can withstand the rigor of daily uses. The standard Apple watch offers a metal or leather strap, as well as 316L stainless steel chassis. Apple’s smartwatches are designed for brief interactions, lasting less than 10 seconds.

The gesture-controlled UI can be filled with sports updates, Twitter trends, news and stock tickers. Its notifications can be fed by apps from a paired iPhone device.

It can be integrated with Apple Pay, Siri and a wide range of activity and health tracking apps. Apple SmartWatch allows users to answer phone calls directly and reply text messages. Many 3rd party apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Shazam and Uber are available from the get go. Obviously, Apple’s wearables won’t come cheap, with the Watch Sport starting at $350, while the Watch Edition will set us back $17,000.

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