Which one to Choose? Samsung Gear Live or Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Samsung Gear LiveSamsung Gear Live is the successor of the earlier Gear 2 with some design changes. It’s a metal watch with bulky, but reasonably attractive look. The smartwatch is based on Google’s Android Wear concept, which is based on the Google Now. The Pebble Steel looks slightly less refines with non-replaceable bands.

Both wearable are based on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The Pebble Steel could integrate with Android and iOS devices; so it’s a good choice for iPhone users until the release of iWatch. Pebble’s smartwatch runs the company proprietary software platform, which is less dependent on smartphones; since it can run apps on the watch. The interface of Android Wear depends on the accompanying Android smartphones.

The Steel is available in two color options, black and silver; but the Samsung Gear Live is more appropriate for users with beefier wrists. Like any smartwatch, both models are certified with IP67 standard, so they won’t quit operating when drenched in rain. Feel free to use them while showering; but they won’t survive scuba diving. The display of Samsung Gear Live looks quite beautiful with its Super AMOLED display; while the Pebble Steel should be more usable under bright sunlight with its e-ink display.

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