Xiaomi is Working to Release a New Smartwatch Model

Xiaomi SmartwatchXiaomi has been the more aggressive device manufacturer in the market and it is widely seen as a strong contender in both the entry-level and high-end categories. Apparently, the company also has a plan to make a foray in the wearable niche. Based on a recently published video, the company seems to have a solid plan to wade into the smartwatch arena.

Xiaomi is taking inputs from consumers about its plan to release new smartwatches and they seek to get feedback on features that we should get. With enough creativity, it is actually possible for Xiaomi to herald a brand new era in the smartwatch market.

Xiaomi has built a good reputation in the smartphone industry and by applying its current strategy in the smartphone market, we could see multiple releases for the entry-level and high-end categories. As an example, it could release a device based on the Android Wear platform for less than $100. As comparison, the Asus Zenwatch is available for less than $200 and Asus could also be working on a sub-$100 smartwatch model. It remains to be seen whether Xiaomi can catapult itself to instant fame in the smartwatch territory.

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