Apple Watch Provides Only 2GB of Usable Storage


Apple Watch has been fitted with a total of 8GB storage, slightly more than 2GB for pictures and music, reserving the rest for essential software. The company will provide us with three Apple Watch versions and all will be equipped with 8GB of storage. With only roughly 2GB reserved for personal uses, this fact could concern many prospective buyers. Specifically, 2GB will be used for music and only 75MB for photos. This configuration applies for Watch, Sport and Edition variants. The iPhone and iPad have allowed us to store many digital content and the Apple Watch series will be significantly less capable for the same purpose.

Unlike iPad and iPhone, Apple Watch is never intended to become the essential multimedia device. Nevertheless, 2GB of songs could still allow users to spend many hours listening to music and audio books. In that spirit, the Apple Watch only provides 75MB of storage for pictures, which is relatively enough considering that it doesn’t require high resolution images to watch on smartwatches. The other 6GB of storage will be used for the operating system itself and a wealth of other apps and features.

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