Fitbit Force Smartwatch Will Arrive to the UK

Fitbit Force SmartwatchFitbit has released another wrist-worn fitness tracking device, which throws in a number of smartwatch functionality. The Fitbit Force comes equipped with a tiny OLED display that offers time and fitness-related information. As an example, users can track floors climbed they take the stairs, distance traveled, calories burned and steps taken. The built-in sleep tracking feature also tells users how many hours they have slept each night. There’s also a silent alarm that helps users to wake up in the morning.

Fitness enthusiasts are typically concerned with the amount of “active minutes” they have hit. Thanks to the built-in sensors, users can keep track of their medium to high intensity cardio time. The Fitbit Force is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, which helps users to sync with a nearby smartphone.

It even has NFC functionality, allowing users to sync with compatible devices with a tap. Like any smartwatch, the Force may notify users of incoming calls. The water resistant construction helps to protect the device against sweat. Like other Fitbit-branded gadget, the Force is a stylish gadget and it will cost consumers about £110. It will be available in the United Kingdom early next year.

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