FitBit Introduces the Surge Smartwatch

FitBit Surge SmartwatchFitbit has released its new smartwatch model that’s available for under $250. The watch has a square display as well as built-in heart rate monitor and full fitness tracking. The Surge comes with GPS sensor for multiple possible features, such as route history, split times, distance elevation, plus pace, route tracking and workout summaries.

The company says that it seeks to deliver innovations through exceptional wearable designs. It is seen as a way to empower users with better knowledge on their health. People have different approach to fitness and with the Surge, Fitbit is hoping that consumers could obtain wearable at an affordable price.

FitBit has also introduced the Charge, which is a water-resistant, high-performance wearable that can track our daily activity. It can even tell us how many times we go to the bathroom each day. We will know how many flows we climb, calories, we burn, distance we travel and steps we take. It comes with integrated sleep detection feature and the OLED display can show the caller ID when it is paired with a smartphone. FitBit says that the Charge can run for entire week on full charge, The Charge HR is another wearable that FitBit introduces. It is similar like the standard Charge, but can also record our heart rate continuously.

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