Intel and TAG Heuer Are Developing a New Luxury Smartwatch

New-Luxury-SmartwatchIntel has teamed up with TAG Heuer, a popular Swiss watchmaker. The final smartwatch design should be showcased nearly next month at the CES event in Las Vegas. The wearable will be powered by a low-power Intel processor and it will look more like regular wristwatch. Since the CEO position has been assigned to Brian Krzanich, the company will prioritize on multiple wearable implementations. This should pave the way for Intel’s involvement in the wearable market.

Intel has bought Basis Science, which develops smartwatch oriented fitness and health-tracking features. It also introduces the Quark family and Basis Peak concept for low-power, small SoCs.

Because Intel wants to target the luxury market, it should make sense for the chip maker to form a partnership with TAG Heuer. It is said that the upcoming Apple Watch lacks certain appeal and the new Intel-Tag Heuer will provide a solution for that. The company has also collaborated with Luxottica, a popular provider of eyewear from Italy, to design a sporty, luxury and premium eyewear with embedded smart tech. It should be launched next year, but it isn’t clear whether the smart eyewear will match the Google Glass in terms of technological implementations.

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