LG G Watch R2 Will Have 4G LTE Support

Rumors emerge recently about the new sequel of the LG G Watch R. If this report is to be believed, the LG G Watch R2 should be equipped with 4G data connectivity. At the moment, smartwatches with 4G support is considered as a rarity. The smartwatch should be ready to take on the Samsung Gear S with its built-in 3G support. In general, smartwatches with cellular connectivity is meant to be used independently for data connection without the presence of a paired smartphone.

In fact, it is technologically possible to make and receive phone calls using Bluetooth headset. However, the Samsung Gear S still needs to be linked with specific Samsung Smartphone models to achieve this capability.

It should make a lot of sense to design and sell standalone smartwatch models, but a 4G modem typically requires much more power to operate. This could put a considerable strain on small battery used by smartwatches. Without proper optimizations and adjustments, it is possible for the LG G Watch R2 to have unsatisfactory battery life. Even so, we could be certain that LG is aware about this issue and has addressed the concern at some extent.

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