LG Releases Software Update to Address Charging Pins Corrosion and Discomfort

LG G WatchIt has been reported that the LG G Watch is plagued by a hardware issue, specifically residue build up and discoloration on the charging pins. It’s quickly discovered that these pins still maintain some amount of current even when the device isn’t charging. Other than these physical evidences, users reported discomfort when wearing the G Watch and some of them even received burn on the wrist. It appears that perspiration interacts with the charged pins and this result in galvanic reactions. Fortunately, LG has been working to resolve the issue.

Supposedly, these issues could be addressed with a software update, which disable the electrical charge completely when the smartwatch isn’t in its charging dock. All G Watch owners should watch the roll out of this update over the air, which will be released automatically.

By turning off the charging pins, the LG G Watch shouldn’t cause burns or discomfort when wearing the device. There’s still no confirmation on whether LG will redesign the charging pins on subsequent batches. However, it is quite likely that the problem can be eliminated properly with only simple software modifications.

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