Making Calls on Wear OS Smartwatches

Often seen in movies, making calls from our phones has been a widely sought after feature. Now, its become a reality. Among the few watches, which now has the ability to do so, Huawei Watch 2 is one of them. It has space for a SIM card which makes it possible for the user  to make and receive calls.

For the possibility to access your contacts on your Wear Smartwatch, the first step is that you should have a sync with your Google account information. The process to do so  from is mentioned below:

  • The first step is to open the app on your Android phone and go to the ‘Advanced Settings and Accounts’ section.
  • Switch on the Toggle switch for the accounts and have access to your contacts.

This is possible through your Wear OS watch too. The only difference is that in the later, it can be complicated and complex compared to the former method. In the latter, you need to tap ‘Setting’ form the list of apps. Then click ‘Personalisation and Accounts’. Then you can add or remove accounts as per your wish.

It is advisable, to sync your contacts with you smartwatch, when you first set up the smartwatch. But you also have the option to do so later.

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