Should Consumers in the UK Purchase Sony Smartwatch 2?

Sony Smartwatch 2At only £147.5, the Sony Smartwatch 2 is only half the price of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Consumers in the UK would struggle to see why they shouldn’t plump for Sony’s new wearable device over Samsung’s more expensive offering. There is now a decent quantity of 3rd party apps for the Sony SmartWatch in the Google Play Store. It offers a wide range of functionality, not just the standard interface to display notification from paired Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, we can’t help to notice that the Smartwatch 2 feels rather half-baked. Sony may have made a bit of strides to deliver solid communication on our wrist, however, the laborious set up procedure, low-resolution display, sluggsh interface and lack of message streams may hinder its usefulness greatly. Put simply, not everyone would fall in love with Sony’s newest smartwatch model, since it doesn’t always make our life easier.

So, should we purchase the Sony Smartwatch? Absolutely. But only if users are sure that the device can cover itself in glory. Users must be sure that the £147.5 price tag is worth paying and it can really make our life easier.

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