Sony Smartwatch 3 Will Be Available for $250

Sony Smartwatch 3Sony Smartwatch 3 has recently appeared on designated online store and it is considered as a less expensive model. At more reasonable pricing, we shouldn’t expect to get the attractive model in the market. The wearable is equipped with 1.6-inch 320 x 320 display, 4GB of onboard storage, various colourful neoprene straps and tiny 420mAh battery. The relatively large internal storage allows the SmartWatch 3 to work as dedicated music player. It can also be connected to Bluetooth-based headphones for better mobile listening.

It could also be equipped with remote control app to allow users change channels on their TV using the wearable. This is clearly not a new concept, because the Casio CMD-40 watch with integrated remote control feature was already released in 1994. Not only we can get text messages notification from paired Sony smartphone, it is also possible to control the phone to perform a variety of tasks, such as taking pictures. Other features of the watch should be similar compared to its predecessors, such as fitness app and GPS features.

There’s no information on the actual release date of the Sony Smartwatch 3, but it should be available in coming weeks. The listed price is shown at $250, which is lower than some models in the market.

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