Sony Smartwatch 3 Will Be Unveiled in IFA Trade Show

Sony Smartwatch 3Sony’s third smartwatch model will soon be revealed, probably at the IFA trade show event next month. Details of the Sony Smartwatch 3 have begun to emerge and one significant detail is the absence of Android Wear platform. Some major manufacturers of Android devices already take side with Google’s Android Wear platform, while Apple will soon release the iWatch.

However, because Sony is known for huge fans base of its electronic appliances and game console, it probably makes sense for the company to develop its own proprietary operating system.

The watch will be equipped with wireless charging feature, so users can leave the phone on its charging plate without the need to fiddle with annoying cables. The watch lacks holes for cables and ports and this can help to achieve the waterproof and dustproof capability. Like the Smartwatch 2, the new wearable will have anti-reflection coating on its display, which helps to achieve acceptable outdoor usability. There’s also the WiFI Direct feature, which allows users to share online access with paired smartphone. This can be helpful when there’s no WiFi hotspot nearby. Additional details about the watch should emerge in coming weeks.

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