TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is Available in the UK for £149.99

TomTom GPS WatchAt £149.99, the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch may put many consumers off. With its sports-focused features, the smartwatch is designed only for a specific niche. The watch may not be too useful in its basic configuration, since specific iOS and Android apps, like MapMyride and RunKeep can perform monitoring tasks for free. Users would get a real benefit from the smartwatch, only when they combine it with related accessories, including the Heart Rate Monitor and Bike Mount.

Not only the smartwatch can deliver cycling metrics; it is also useful for swimmers and runners. Its one-button control helps users to navigate through menus easily. The large display with its full-screen graphics and multiple training modes can help users to train more effectively.

GPS is obviously a major stand out feature of the smartwatch and generally, it requires about three minutes to establish a connection with GPS satellites. This would be helpful for users who prefer to perform cross-country running session along the bush trails. During the run, users should find the display easy to read, with information on time, average pace and distance accurately. The smartwatch includes the TomTom MySports software for PC, which can analyze data gathered by the smartwatch through standard USB connection.

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