Acer Introduces the Liquid Leap

Acer Liquid LeapAcer gave us the sneak peek on the Liquid Leap way back in April this year and it finally officially releases the smartwatch. It is available in the Amazon UK website for about $125, which is a rather competitive pricing. With a closer look, we know that the device is actually smarter than typical fitness bands.

The slim strap is attached to an OLED touchscreen 0.9-inch display with 128 x 32 screen resolution. Other than information on time, we could also get data on calories burned, distance travelled and our step count. The Liquid Leap could also be worn when we go to sleep, so it will track our sleep pattern.

Acer’s new smartwatch literally leaps one step further by offering smart notification from a paired smartphone unit. After linked with the Bluetooth connection, the Liquid Leap should be able to show incoming email, notifications, text messages, social media updates, instant messages and voice calls. We could also activate camera shutter and control the music player remotely. The Leap is a waterproofed device and the battery may last for up to one week with a single charge. Available colors are pink and orange.

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