@evleaks Showed Render of HTC Android Wear

HTC Android WearHTC confirmed back in March that it was developing a wearable “computing product”. @evleaks has recently published an artist rendition of HTC’s upcoming device that sports a square-shaped design. Known for his reliability, @evleaks (Evan Blass) assured that it’s an entirely faithful reproduction of the original device.

It should be noted that the smartwatch doesn’t show us an actual Android Wear skin, since Google would immediately disallow it. The interface is probably a placeholder and we don’t know how the actual skin would look like. Because we don’t get this from HTC itself, whether the render itself is legitimate is still anyone’s guess. Also, there’s no indication when the actual device will be released.

Lack of an announcement from HTC could actually be a good thing. Based on what we know about the Samsung Gear Live. It’s possible that the render represents a prototype that needs further improvements in different areas. There’s a possibility that the final product would be different in terms of design and features. HTC could also be waiting for the right moment to release the device, which may benefit it in the long run.

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