Pebble Smart Watch is Available at Best Buy

Pebble SmartwatchBest Buy has begun selling the Pebble smart watch for $149.99 and it’s available in retailer’s US offline and online stores. The device is available in various color options, including white, gray, orange and cherry red colors. The Pebble project began on Kickstarter, where it gathered investment from 68,000 people, raising about $10 million.

The watch comes with Bluetooth support and works on both iOS and Android platforms. It offers direct access to music controls, text messages, email alerts, notifications and others. With SDK and APIs, developers can expand the capabilities of the smart watch. It has a 144 x 168 display, which shows highly legible fonts and intuitive user interface. With Pebble smart watch, users will no longer miss notifications, emails and text messages.

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