Matrix’s Power Watch X, Charges from Solar Power and Body Heat

Matrix Powerwatch X

Matrix’s Power Watch 2 has solved the problem of charging smartwatches and pathetic battery life. With new innovation in smartwatch, there is no need to charge this gadget as it is built on run of solar energy and body heat that it receives when worn on hand.


PowerWatch X, which debuts at CES in Las Vegas, doubles down on its original ground with an additional energy source: the sun. But it also with features we’ve come to expect from smartwatches, including a full-color LCD display, built-in GPS and a heart rate sensor. It provides the exact fat burning index as body heat is directly used to measure calorie burnt.

Solar charging is what we were expecting next in the smartwatch revolution. Power watch 2 has come up with the new technology which uses the heat from the sun to charge the gadget. Previously a thermoelectric generator was used to draw power from the body. The process of charging is so effective that there is no charger packed in the watch box.


Along with the new hardware features, Matrix claims the new version is lighter and thinner than its predecessor. However, the price tag for this watch is $200 for Indiegogo backers, but later this year, it will retail for $499.

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