AT&T Has Sold the Pebble Smartwatch Its Stores

Pebble SmartwatchThe Pebble smartwatch isn’t the kind of the device that needs steady connection to cellular network and data coverage, but AT&T has recently offered it to users across the US. It appeared previously on the Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign and it has inspired others to do something similar. AT&T has a large distribution infrastructure and this can help the carrier to deliver the $150 device to many users.

It has also offered the Samsung Galaxy Gear to subscribers, but since it supports only a select few of Samsung’s high-end devices, the Pebble smartwatch will fill the gaps. Like other devices in the market, the Pebble also provides wrist-bound data syncing with a paired smartphone.

Folks at Pebble already argued that the Samsung Galaxy Gear is over-spec’d; but it is clear that more capable devices like the Omate TrueWatch and A.I Watch will make the smartwatch market even more interesting. The Pebble has been available in approximately 500 AT&T’s retail stores in the US.

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