Casio G-Shock GBA 400 Offers Interesting New Features

Casio G Shock GBA 400When asked about the pioneer of the smartwatch industry, many people would say that it is Pebble with its early e-ink model. However, people from Casio may beg to differ, since it has been participating in the smart wristwatch market for a few years. Earlier, Casio has also introduced its Bluetooth-capable models that can communicate with iOS and Android smartphones.

Although Casio G-Shock models don’t look as flexible, users still get basic features of smartwatches, such as notifications about incoming phone calls and text messages, as well as other information from smartphones through companion apps. G-Shock watches are not as capable as Pebble Steel and Android Wear, but they do work for smartphone owners.

Unfortunately, Casio wasn’t responsive enough when people got excited with Pebble’s early model. It should have the resources and ability to quickly introduce breakthrough models before Pebble even managed to release its first smatwatch. The new Casio G-Shock GBA 400 is chock full of nice features we would expect from current smatwatch models, but it’s far too late. Consumers would think it as an alternative to Pebble, Android Wear and other smartwatch platforms. Casio’s new smartwatch offers the ability to control music playback on computers or mobile devices.

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