Huawei’s Smartwatch Could Have Lower Price Than Expected


There’s no doubt that the Huawei Watch is quite an interesting wearable model, but we are still rather uncertain about its possible pricing. It has been suggested that the Huawei smartwatch would be quite pricey. However, a leaked price list from Germany could allay our fears and it appears that the gold version of the watch is about 399 Euro or around $370. It means that Huawei’s premium smartwatches are actually more affordable than models offered by LG and Apple. However, we have to wait whether the same thing also applies outside Germany, or more broadly, outside Europe.

However, without confirmation from Huawei, it is possible that the price is actually a temporary placeholder, instead of the real deal. When contacted, Huawei’s spokespeople said that they can’t confirm pricing at the moment and their new smartwatch won’t be available until later this year. It means that there may not be an April release date in the United Kingdom. For the time being, the company is still concentrating on the P8 smartphone, which will be delivered in April 15. In any case, the smartwatch could be an affordable option in the smartwatch market and eventually, we will start to see low-cost Android smartwatches.

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