TAG Heuer Will Compete Directly Against the Apple Watch

Apple WatchTAG Heuer unveils a plan to compete against the Apple Watch. TAG Heuer is one of luxury watch manufacturers and it gained popularity decades before the first iPhone was released. The digital technology has finally solidified its presence in the wristwatch market, despite a number of failures. The company can’t afford to be dismissive in the smart device sector and the project has already started a few months ago.

There were some acquisitions and partnerships it performed in the market. TAG’s future devices could be based on mechanical/digital hybrid design and powered with an Intel processor. There are also rumors on the inclusion of biometric capabilities to measure heart rates. The company declines to comment further when asked on whether Intel or Google are part of this project.

However, we heard reports that the company’s future device is to be equipped with Intel microprocessor and electronic sensors to monitor things like the amount of calories burnt. A senior executive from the company says that they will do something that can be considered as unique, different and the first in the market. So, it remains to be seen whether the new TAG Heuer device will be something that we never see before.

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