Aplus GV18 Smartwatch

Aplus GV18 SmartwatchThe GV18 Aplus is a smartwatch that’s first released in China and for Apple fans, it certainly bears a resemblance with the Apple Watch. However, it can be obtained from Gearbest for less than a tenth of the price. Consumers are able to purchase the smartwatch for just $28.99, which is very attractive. It is certainly a smartwatch with attractive design. It is an appropriate watch for men with big wrist and the wearable is about 13mm deep. It comes with a pre-installed screen protector, which makes the watch appropriate for people who love to do various outdoor activities. The rubber strap should be really comfortable.

It has an LCD display with adjustable brightness that allows us to see the information quite easily when under the bright sunlight. In order to extend battery life, the display can be set to sleep after a period of time and we are able to press its side button, if we want to check the time. The watch can be customized with three faces. One of them has rectangular shape and Roman numerals; which can be usable for people who prefer more classic appearance. The software allows us to type letters with the onboard keyboard. It may take some practice to type on such a small screen, but users should eventually be able to type quickly.

The Aplus GV18 is based on the Android operating system and it comes with some bundled apps. The watch will become more functional if we insert a SIM card and it can be paired with other Android smartphones quite easily. An app is available to allow us talk directly on the watch and this is very usable when we don’t really want to take the paired smartphone out of our tight jeans pocket. Gearbest is also offering other very affordable smartwatches, many of them are available for less than $50. Also check http://www.newsmartwatch.com for latest updates about smartwatches.

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