Asus ZenWatch Will Be Available for Less Than $199

Asus ZenWatchAsus has released an interesting trailer on the ZenWatch and Jerry Shen, the CEO has confirmed the smartwatch’s availability. The price tag will be likely lower than $199 and it has been suggested that the watch will be sold at around $99. However, this may not be a practical pricing for the moment.

The Asus ZenWatch is based on the Android Wear platform, with embedded voice commands feature. At the moment, the voice recognition feature will be available in English only. Earlier, we heard reports about the gesture controls that will be provided by Android Wear devices. However, we can’t be sure whether the ZenWatch will have such a capability.

The Zenwatch will arrive in an increasingly crowded marketplace, with diverse models running Tizen and Android. We are waiting for the introduction of Motorola Moto 60, as well as devices from Sony and LG. Just like in the smartphone market, manufacturers begin to throw everything to the market to see what will stick to consumers’ mind. It is clear that the wearable market is a little bit more hectic than just six months ago. We could also see that smartwatch models in the market are still far from flawless. However, they are still superior to early models and this is a good sign.

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