Samsung May Launch the Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2It’s barely a fortnight since the South Korean company released the much hyped Samsung Galaxy Gear and already, we hear reports of a refreshed device in the pipeline. Local sources said that the updated Galaxy Gear 2 may arrive as early as January next year. The original gadget received a lukewarm response after being released. It can notify users of latest emails, run apps and make voice calls. The modified Android Jelly Bean OS on its color device offers reasonable performance level.

Samsung wants its Galaxy Gear lineup to benefit users by integrating wearable technology deeper into their daily lives. It can bridge gaps between mobile devices at different form factors. Despite the excitements and optimism, the Galaxy Gear has been criticized for compatibility with only a limited number of devices.

It’s not known what improvements Samsung will incorporate in the Gear 2, but it may offer wider compatibility to more Galaxy models and hopefully, to general Android devices as well. Other likely enhancements are longer battery life and improved user interface.

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