Xiaomi Could be Developing a Low-Cost Smartwatch Model

Xiaomi SmartwatchLatest signs seem to indicate that the Xiaomi, the China-based manufacturer, may have a new smartwatch model in the works. The device could come from Millet and this would one of the first of such gadget to come from the China. The Vice President of Xiaomi Global, Hugo Barra, mentioned that the company is expanding its business and portfolio globally. This could also mean that the company will include a smartwatch into its lineup.

Typical of devices originating from China, Xiaomi’s smartwatch could be significantly cheaper than models currently available in the market. As we can currently see in the market, there a wide price gap. The rather basic Pebble is available for $150 and the better featured Samsung Galaxy Gear sets users back for $299.

Additional details may also point towards the likelihood of the device coming with MIUI (pronounced as Me-You-I), which is promised to deliver a new level of customization. Specific aspects of the MIUI can be beneficial on devices with smaller display, making it easy for manufacturers to create custom interface based on Android OS. In terms of leaks and rumors, it seems to be rather early for us to predict actual characteristics of the Xiaomi Millet.

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