Samsung May Unveil Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Gear 2 Soon

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 NeoThe Samsung Galaxy S5 would be a real star soon and apparently, the new high-end smartphone won’t make a trip to the MWC 2014 event alone. Rumor mill already suggested us that Samsung will introduce us new Galaxy Gear models next week. It’s a good thing to know that we don’t need to wait for long, since two new Galaxy Gear devices have been shown recently on an image.

The render shows us what are likely the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Gear 2. The latter still shares similar design elements of the original watch with its square display, silver face and colored band. There are a couple of differences as well, including a silver button under the display and an unknown black bar above the display.

The Galaxy Gear 2 Neo comes with a square display, slightly smaller silver face and a colored back. There’s a black button under the watch’s face and a small, black circle above the display.

Samsung has offered a multitude of Galaxy-branded devices, each with different price points, specs, market segments and functionality.
The Gear 2 Neo never appeared on previous rumors and it could be related to Samsung’s other Neo phablets and tablets.

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