Phonebloks Smartwatch Will Have Modular Design

Phonebloks SmartwatchThere are reasons why some people still prefer to use desktops for their home-based computing needs. They can upgrade and replace damaged components much more easily. Such versatility will soon be introduced into the smartwatch market. This concept is based on the Phonebloks design, which is aimed to reduce electronic waste and make wearables more convenient to use. The modular smartwatch may work well with its new mix-and-match capabilities.

Compared to other mobile gadgets, smartwatches are much more personal and it would be interesting to know that new models allow us to make multiple customizations. The smartwatch technology is still reasonably new and new things are introduced almost each months. It means, smartwatches with modular concepts can be a huge plus, because we can add new, more enhanced modules whenever they become available.

There are a number of proposed modules for Phonebloks smartwatch, these include E-ink face, circular or rectangular faces, motion sensor, microphone, GPS, gesture control, blood oxygen monitor, heart monitor, fingerprint scanner, environment sensor, camera, audio jack, extra battery, NFC, programmable buttons, flashlight, kinetic charging and SIM port. This means, we will able to customize both the visual appearances and hardware capability of Phonebloks smartwatch.

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