Uno Offers Built-in Speed Reading Feature

UnoUno is the latest crowd funded project and it is aimed to deliver speed-reading capability for users. The device promises fast notifications function and long battery life. Although a relatively new segment in the mobile industry, the wearable market is already crowded with many fitness band and smartwatch models. The Apple Watch may also soon arrive to the market, because its looming shadow is already felt in the form of various rumors and reports.

However, the Uno Noteband should be a device that stands out from the rest. It is able to utter one single word at the time in rapid successions, relieving users from the need of squinting on the cramped display.

The developer is raising funds through Indiegogo and it uses speed reading software, known as Spritz. Ideally, the software can read notifications more efficiently, so users don’t need to check the display. Users can adjust the rate of speech and it is actually possible for users to listen to 250 words per minute. A video demo of the Spritz shows that the speed reading technology is relatively easy to follow along. It should be a great way for us to consume incoming texts, notifications and emails directly on our wrist.

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