Meizu Unveils the MWatch Smartwatch Concept

Meizu MWatch SmartwatchMeizu has given us a snippet of how smartwatches should be. The China-based company has already released multiple Android devices to date and it could be planning to turn attention to the smartwatch industry. The wearable gadget has become increasingly more popular, as Samsung and Sony enter the market. We also hear that the Apple iWatch smartwatch is in development as well and if released, it could quickly steal a significant portion of the market.

Meizu seems to have an interesting take on smartwatches and we could quickly consider that the official render is quite impressive. We have seen many smartwatch concepts; but Meizu’s design could be one of the best we have ever seen. It features a good-looking UI on the display and a flexible metal bracelet. To be specific, the Meizu MWatch sport 2.4-inch (640 x 480) display, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi and 5Mp camera with auto focus. The company claims that the watch is compatible with 5000 mobile apps.

At the moment, we couldn’t be sure that Meizu will really bring its idea to fruition, but when released it would something that appeals many smartwatch users. Along with Huawei, Meizu will lead other China device manufacturers in a scramble to bring users the next major smartwatch sensation.

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