Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will Be Bundled with Gear 3 Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Note 4The Galaxy Note 4 will be Samsung new phablet generation and it may offer deep integration with the Gear 3 smartwatch. The company has previously release the Gear 2 Neo and the standard Gear 2 smartwatches. The new phablet could arrive in September with the next-generation smartwatch, although we can’t guarantee that it will be called the Gear 3. The company unveiled the original Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 at IFA event and it is possible that Samsung will do something quite similar this year.

There’s no word on what Samsung’s new smartwatch will bring, but like the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo; it could also be based on the Tizen OS. It should be noted that the company will release the Gear 2 Solo, before the actual introduction of Gear 3. The Solo will resemble the regular Gear 2, but with an embedded SIM card slot.

This would allow users to make phone call directly from the watch, potentially removing smartphone from the equation. The Solo could be available in the United States and South Korea starting from next month. The Note 4 itself is likely a 5.8-inch phablet with flexible display, based on regular LCD technology; instead of Super AMOLED.

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