Intel Showed Smartwatches With ARM Processors

Intel SmartwatchesWearable devices generated a lot of buzz in recent months, including in the CES 2014 event. Intel has also demonstrated its own devices, but curiously the company chose to put ARM-based inside some of them. Actually, Intel also has an ARM license and its recently acquired subsidiary, Infineon also uses ARM technology.

To be specific, Intel’s new smartwatch in CES 2014 is powered by the Infineon SoC; which carries an ARM-based processor. Intel has used ARM’s solution in the past but it doesn’t mean that the company does not have its own proprietary hardware ready for wearables.

The watch supports geo-fencing technology and Intel didn’t say anything about the possibility of bringing the device to the market.

Even so, sources in the industry have questioned whether the company has processors that are efficient enough to work in wearables like smartwatches and headsets.

Intel’s products still dominate the server and PC market but the growing popularity of mobile market makes it vital for any company in the industry to make an expansion. On the other hand, vast majority of the mobile space is powered by designs offered by the ARM Holdings. Actual processors are produced by Qualcomm, Nvidia, Apple and Samsung.

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